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Welcome To The Michael's Bay Historical Society Website!

This website is dedicated entirely to the preservation and documentation of history regarding Manitoulin Island's only official ghost town. The town of Michael's Bay was one of Manitoulin Island's early settlements after the island was opened up to settlement in the 1860's. Once the center of power for the southern island, Michael's Bay has captured the imagination of the young and old alike. Help us to tell the story of this extraordinary settlement and preserve it's memory for future generations.

Michael's Bay was a town full of bureaucrats, drunks, vagabonds, farmers, politicians, swindlers, cheats, lumber barons, laborers, and upstanding citizens. Join us to tell the story of this extraordinary nineteenth century settlement and preserve it's memory for future generations.


A Message To Our Visitors

We do apologize for the current state of affairs regarding our homepage. We are in the process of a facelift and will be bringing about more information and services to you as the weeks progress. Thank you for visiting our website and we look forward to seeing you in the future.
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08/20/09 Infrastructure UPDATED MBHS Meeting 08/05/09
08/21/09 Citizens UPDATED MBHS Meeting 08/12/09
08/21/09 History UPDATED Heritage Festival - Variety Night 09/04/09
08/22/09 Buildings UPDATED Heritage Festival - Family Fun 09/05/09
08/23/09 Buildings UPDATED Heritage Festival - Horse Pull 09/06/09






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